No Time for Art?

I think I have a fascination with necks. I am very intrigued by looking at how Modigliani for example, rendered them. I just love his loosely shaped women. So graceful. He was able to convey a woman’s femininity with simple graceful lines.
I did not have any art time today, well not much, so I just did a little journal page, but the pleasure I get from even a little art time is so valuable to me.
Someone made a comment about how much artwork I get done, truly my ‘secret’ is just to multi-task wherever possible. I prep several backgrounds at once, and when doing a series of paintings like the ‘Blue Speckled Eggs’ I can do several pieces at the same time up to a point. I did this little journal page with the supplies I hadn’t yet put away from the paintings I finished yesterday. It all works when you find a rhythm of fitting art into life that works for you. ‘Art at the Speed of Life’.

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