Developing Your Own Voice

I thought I would share this journal page with you today. I did this little exercise in my journal while traveling to CA for the ConvenZioNE. Journals are a great place to actually ‘do’ some of the little exercises artists sometimes publish with their articles. I wish I remembered where I read this, but I don’t. Sometimes I just jot the exercise down for future reference. I do know it was written by Gina Arnfield. In my journaling workshop I tell people to use things they love, things they are drawn to, colors that speak to them and their pages will turn out to reflect them. That is what this little exercise will help you find out. What are you drawn to? What are your favorite colors? I challenge you to answer the questions listed on my journal page for yourself.

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  1. I love your work and was looking for a way to ‘follow’ it. Not finding one, I signed up to subscribe. If there is a way to follow, will you let me know? The exercise made me do some real thinking..great.

  2. love the mesh at the bottom with the bird. The questions your asking and the dreaming girl, beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous journal page! I love this little exercise and will have to try it when I FINALLY start journaling 🙂

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