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What a fun morning! I was asked to speak and present a demonstration at the SW Missouri Art Teachers Association’s semi-annual conference. You can’t beat the mid west for friendly people and these were no exception. It has been a while since I’ve done a ‘live’ workshop and I had forgotten how fun it can be. I thank them for their warm reception and am excited that I have been asked back to do a summer workshop with more time allowed.
This is the sample page that I demonstrated in the class and I am hopeful that some of those present will email me images of their pages so
Images from Shabby Cottage Studios
I can post those too. (hint, hint:-)
On the home front, my step mom is in good spirits and has been given a good recovery prognosis for her breast cancer. Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes. I will keep you posted and appreciate your continued prayers.
Happy weekend friends!

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  1. Pam, I have been a member of Southwest District Art Teachers Association for over 25 years and what a awesome workshop you provided us last Saturday. I was thrilled to be a part of it and find out you are right in our back yard, literally im my Mom’s back yard. I had fun sharing your knowledge with my fellow art teachers in my school. We are all so excited for the summer workshop. Thanks Julie Bandy, Nixa High SchoolI finished my assignment!!

  2. Ooops, good catch Lolli, I posted the wrong pic! I was so engrossed while making the page I was focusing on drawing the letters and not what they spelled-lol! It’s a journaling hazard:-)

  3. Great page and I agree with you about the midwest’s friendly people. Still need to finish my work from your journaling class.

  4. great news about your step-mom and that page is absolutely gorgeous! I’d like to see some of the other participant’s work as well…

  5. That’s some good news about your step-mom :)BTW, I didn’t know that about the matte medium until last night *after* I wrecked the piece. When I was done wallowing, I decided to plug in week 2 of your Shades Of Grey and, lo and behold…*sigh*Bad timing…

  6. So glad to here your stepmother is doing well:)I sure wish I could be at the conference. Your page is lovely as they always are.XXXX

  7. So happy to hear the prognosis is good for your step-mom and that you had a wonderful day at the conference. This page has all the beauty and pop of all your journal pages…they were lucky teachers to have you IRL.

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