IRL Workshop

What a fun morning! I was asked to speak and present a demonstration at the SW Missouri Art Teachers Association’s semi-annual conference. You can’t beat the mid west for friendly people and these were no exception. It has been a while since I’ve done a ‘live’ workshop and I had forgotten how fun it can be. I thank them for their warm reception and am excited that I have been asked back to do a summer workshop with more time allowed.
This is the sample page that I demonstrated in the class and I am hopeful that some of those present will email me images of their pages so
Images from Shabby Cottage Studios
I can post those too. (hint, hint:-)
On the home front, my step mom is in good spirits and has been given a good recovery prognosis for her breast cancer. Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes. I will keep you posted and appreciate your continued prayers.
Happy weekend friends!

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