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  1. I think those are some of the prettiest journal pages I have ever seen! You are very talented! Love them. You should take your pic here and have it framed! Love it!Hugs,Sheila

  2. I actually have several different journals going. This one was done in a 5×8 moleskine. I also keep a 3 1/2×5 moleskine in my purse, and I love water color field notebooks, 9×7 for heavy duty journaling. It really is a matter of personal preference and what type of mediums you are wanting to use.xoxoPam

  3. Awesome page–I’ve been doing some ‘advertising’ for you around town..lol..some peeps have asked me where to go for classes, so I’ve highly recommended you :)Take a breather today, things are moving at lightening pace for you, but don’t let it burn you out before you can truly enjoy it all!

  4. Hi Cecilia, thank you for your kind words:-) I would definitely suggest Visual Journalism 101. In this workshop I share how I achieve the softly layered backgrounds and it is all about getting started. Shades of Grey is more focused on drawing, a limited color palette, and and is a different type of journaling than this page. Hope this helps, feel free to contact me anytime.xoPam

  5. I love your journal pages! especially the backgrounds. So, I’m not sure which class to take to learn/achieve the beautiful, soft backgrounds. I am having problems with backgrounds. Can you suggest? Also, I’m new to art and journaling.Cecilia

  6. Yep, Pam this one is my all time favorite (till the next awesome one you do) Everything about it screams *PERFECT*xxxBevie

  7. I loved the art and what you said on this page it is now in my journal the words anyway. To remind me to slow down and enjoy life. I love watching your online viedos. And hope to take one of you classes soon. Thanks for the shot in the arm this made my day start better!!!

  8. Love your journal spread Pam. The layout is so serene which goes perfect with your don’t sweat the small stuff sentiment.Enjoy the day. 🙂

  9. I love seeing your journal pages. I haven’t popped by in a couple of weeks. I really missed your beautiful artwork.Have a magical weekend.XXXXBecky

  10. I just love your journal pages! I particpated in your online class and have enjoyed it a lot. I’m afraid I haven’t finished the lessons yet and still get intimidated with the pages. Could be because I decided to do the whole book at once. Family moto is if it’s worth doing it’s worth overdoing. Takes longer when you have to keep stepping away to let things percolate but I’m enjoying playing with the techniques.

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