About Letting Go

That is the title of this piece that I finished today. As part of a group of artists/friends, who meet daily to exchange tidbits about our lives, share tips and techniques, and enjoy each others company, we cheer each other on and share in the victories, and we also give comfort when life is not so perfect. Hearing of the losses experienced by a couple of these ladies, reminded me so much of the loss of my own grandparents and beloved pets through the years. These losses touch most of us because we have experienced similar times in our lives. On so many levels life is about learning to let go. Letting go of loved ones, letting go of our children as they grow, letting go of things that frustrate or irritate us. Things beyond our control. There is beauty in letting go. It may be hard to see, but it is there. That is what I hoped to convey in this piece. The beauty. Remember to look for the beauty.
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