144 Reasons Why I Love Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on all things romantic, it is an extra special time for my DH and I. 10 years ago, we were apart on our first Valentines’ Day. He was on a trip and I spent the day missing him terribly. We decided to celebrate on the 17th and when he picked me up after a day of teaching preschool, he whisked me off to a lovely Victorian house turned restaurant on the Puget Sound in Washington. We had the best seats in the place with a view of the sunset. 144 beautiful roses graced our table and just when I thought things could not get any better, he got down on one knee and proposed to me! The whole restaurant clapped and I of course cried. As you can see in the picture neither one of us is dressed up. He thoughtfully wore comparable clothing to my preschool teacher attire to keep the surprise and not let on where we were going. I still have my roses, they are dried and saved in a large vase, a constant reminder of that magic day when I said ‘Yes’!

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