A New Beginning

Busy working like a fiend, but managed to finish this finally and get it listed. No journal page today, but at least some art and lots of writing. Hope you are all being productive:-) The sun is out and makes me long for spring, but that cold 30 degree temp is keeping me inside. This piece feels just like that to me. Longing for spring flowers on a bright, cold, winter day.
Misty Mawn’s latest piece inspired me a bit with this one. I love her use of white. She gets so much texture from a simple color palette.

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  1. That’s my little sister, but Pam she’s really too hard on herself cuz her journaling is awesome!! I would trade your sun and 30 degrees for the snow that’s falling here in the mountains…sure it’s beautiful, but makes driving difficult for me. I love this *new beginnings* and love the white as well. sure wish I could find a goooood white gel pen!!! (((hugs)))Blessings sweetie!!

  2. This…is…stunning. I couldn’t agree with you more about the weather. I’m in Wisconsin and it’s just been so cold, so dreary that when the sun finally does peak through, it’s absolutely amazing and I can’t soak up enough of it. Your colors here are so subtle and warm, and I really enjoy the dove peeking through the tree in the background. Maybe a hint of hope?

  3. Hi Pam,I found your blog from Misty Mawn’s page- I hope you don’t mind my dropping by.This piece is sunshiney and full of soul- I think the soulfulness of your pieces drew me here and I find them stunningly beautiful!Best wishes,Eileen

  4. Hi Pam ,I know what you mean about spring coming soon …..I love this new piece of art , the colours are lovely , and i can feel spring in the air .We have just had a heavy fall of snow over here , they say the wort for about 18 years , London even came to a stand still which is quite laughable really when you here what snow has been like over there in the USA . We have about 10 inches .Love Lorraine x

  5. Pam your art is just so lovely.I am really enjoying your class, getting images on the page has been a challenge for me, don’t quite know why, I have done them before. I think I am way over thinking them.And I am soooo disorganized. Went out today a purchased a six drawer unit from Office Max. I will probably need another one before I am finished. Now to sit down and decide how to separate them all. By color, or theme, or WHATEVER!!!I just know I’m gonna be anal about this too!!!!!!!!!!!! :)Have a great day!!!!!

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