Day 23~ Favorite Artist

This was so much fun and was over way too soon. I knew from the moment I read this weeks challenges who my pick for favorite artist would be. Now, mind you I have a whole list of inspiring artists that are out there right now, Misty Mawn of course being one of them, but for this challenge I wanted to go back further. I have loved this work of Amedeo Modiliani, ‘Portrait of a Woman in a Large Hat’ for a long time. I have often thought to replicate it as an inspiration page in my journal, but have never gotten around to it until now. I love the warm skin tones he achieved and those amazing blue eyes that aren’t really eyes at all. Graceful, long neck, and features, and the hand, I love adding a hand to my work. So representative of all women do. It seems that art is inspired by those who have gone before us and the visual images we are exposed to everyday. Look around you and be inspired.

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