The Video Is Not Gone! More To Come In 2009

Sorry for the confusion friends:-) The Pitt Pen Demo Video is still available, I put a link in the right hand column as I want to add more videos in 2009. Speaking of goals for the New Year, have you started to write yours down yet? I will confess, until last year, I did not. Maybe I was afraid of not meeting them? Whatever the reason, last year I got brave, what was I waiting for? I’m in my 40’s now, time to ‘put the big girl panties on’ and go after my dreams. So I wrote down my goals. It was a simple one, simple and scary. Try to get a piece of artwork published. Now I am looking back at what happened this past year and shaking my head. As the year progressed and the first goal was met, I added another, when that was done, another, and so on. Each step was recorded in my personal journal. I have 4 journals going right now, and this one is my personal, for my eyes only journal. I decided to share a snippet of my goals and accomplishments pages so you will be motivated to do this for yourself. You don’t even have to start with a big list, I started with one goal and added to it. It is important to write down your accomplishments too. That is what will keep you motivated and inspire you as you realize the fulfillment of your dreams. As the New Year approaches, don’t be afraid, write down your goals, no matter how BIG or small. Document your journey. Be proud of your accomplishments. It’s OK, really!

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