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We are heading away from home for the holiday, and while part of me longs for the traditional Thanksgiving meal around our own table, my heart realizes that home is where your heart is. We are taking one last family vacation before my middle son goes off to college. I will miss the early morning turkey stuffing session and the yummy smells that are so much a part of this day of thanks, but I am ever so thankful for time spent with my family. It doesn’t hurt that we will be enjoying the creature comforts of a cruise either:-) I will admit to being such a lover of holidays, that I will still be cooking the traditional turkey dinner when we get back!
I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and the blessings of family.
I’ll leave you with a page from my journal. Notice the napkin from a pizza place, you can find cool things to incorporate into your journal everywhere. The sketch was also done on a napkin and then adhered with gel medium. I will be taking my journal with me, so I won’t be without art while I am gone.
I would so love to come home and count your blessings among my own, so leave me a comment about what you are most thankful for this year.

P.S. I have put my etsy shop on vacation too, but will be offering free shipping on all originals the first week of December, so be sure to check back:-)

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  1. Love the post! And the journal page! Aside from making art, I’m most grateful for this community; the cyber/blog/artists/women who are supportive and generous and so talented!

  2. i hope you’re having a wonderful vacation and your thanksgiving was a good one. can’t wait to see what goodies you offer when you get back.

  3. Family and food…such an integral part of our lives. Thank you so much for sharing a part of yours. You will have so much to share when you finally gather around the table to share your feast.I am thankful for my family and the sounds of the gathering. The chatter over the table and the laughing. It is a beautiful time.HugsSueAnn

  4. Pam I’m sure you and your family will be having a blast and giving thanks for all God has given you. I thank Him daily for my wonderful hubby, children, the knowledge that those close to me are children of God..knowing HE is there to lift me up when I’m down. Most of all I think it’s that he gave us the free gift of Salvation…coming to earth as Jesus to suffer on the Cross for our sins…We truly do serve an awesome God!!! Blessings my friend!

  5. Have a great holiday Pam and Im sure you will be back with inspiring creativity drawn from your surroundings…keep an eye out for the Sea Sirens! Im thankful for the fact my husband has done really well with his surgery and hopeful for continued recovery..and my children all 5 of them they are my reason to breath and for my heart to beat and Im so thankful for my online friend Pam for making this past year such a wonderful interesting journey and allowing me to share it with her especially the virtual coffee’s and the happy dance’s with each new creative accomplishment. hugs and splashes Michelle

  6. Hi Pam, Hope you have a safe and happy trip! My only child left for college this year and it was really hard for me. I’m thankful that she’s living life and growing up as she should, even if I’m a teary-eyed over it.

  7. This is the first Thanksgiving where both our boys won’t be with us. It’s hard when they grow up and get jobs and responsibilities. boo hoo. Well, at least my brother-in-law has a two bay margarita machine. LOL!Teresa

  8. Dear sweet Pam, I wish you a wonderful holiday with your family…you are so very right, home is where your heart is ~ I wish you safe travels and a great time too!! I’m so thankful for my precious family, my country and for the love of our Lord ~ we all have so very much to be thankful for, xxoo, Dawn

  9. Pam,Enjoyed your post. YOu have a wonderful vacation with your family. My dh and I will be alone this year for the very first time, but the entire family plus a fiance and boyfriend are spending Christmas week together in Mexico, so that’s what I’m very thankful for!Happy Thanksgiving.Susan

  10. Pam, what an inspiring post…I know you will have a magical vacation with your wonderful family…you’ll have lots of fun times to talk over the dinner table when you return and have that turkey dinner :)I am ever so thankful for my family…my boys are growing so quickly that I am thankful I can still be a SAHM and be there for them whenever they need me.

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