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Ok, better late than never, right? Susan Tidwell, a fellow ZNE Design Team member, has tagged me! I am now going to share 4 little know facts about me, I know you can’t stand the suspense-LOL! Ok, here goes…

1.) Laurie Blau-Marshall and I shared a locker in high school and we decorated it (yes, even waaaaay back then) in rainbows. Awwww, how cute is that?

2.) I have lived in Washington, California, and Missouri, and never felt an earthquake, never seen a tornado, but did see a volcano (MT St. Helens) erupt.

3) I am a compulsive vacuumer. My husband says I wear them out before their time-lol!

4.)My first “artistic” experience that I remember was drawing purple polka-dots on my bedroom wall. Mom was NOT happy:-)

Now I will tag Laurie Blau-Marshall, Suzan Buckner, Michelle Dobell, and Sherry Smyth! Oh, yeah the pic is my salute to the 80’s after reading a post on Sherry’s blog-lol! Hubby and I go retro on a cruise:-) I hope they let us back on the ship because we get to set sail again in a couple of weeks-woo-hoo!

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