Get A Moo On!

I just received my first order of ‘Moo Cards’! What’s a ‘Moo Card’? Well I had to ask too. They are tiny business cards, that a company, makes, using your own pictures. They are so fun, I will be including them in purchases from my etsy shop. I am going to keep adding to the collection. Included in my first shipment are snippets from artwork that is being published in the near future. I have decided to use my published work for these little calling cards. On the back I have my contact info and ‘Thank you for purchasing handmade’. I think it is so important in these times to try to boost our economy by purchasing things made in the US. So get a Moo on and go check out their site!
P.S. To see the full version of these works, check out the Stampers’ Sampler, August/September guest artist feature!

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