Great News, and more Great News!!

Today is just so full of good news that I have to share it with my friends! The first thing that happened, was that I got the layout for my article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors! I actually cried, I’m such a baby, but this is such a dream come true for me. The article is titled ‘Art at the Speed of Life, how a busy mom finds time for art and still gets dinner on the table’. It will appear in the July/August issue and is 7 pages long. The editor had asked for three ‘sets’ of artwork (that will be explained in the article) so that they could have some to choose from. They ended up using all of it. I’m still just dazed. I love that publication and to think of being in it leaves me pinching myself.
Now for the OTHER exciting news, that had me bawling today! My PFC, son, Christopher sent me my first letter! I have been waiting to hear from him and I won’t lie, it’s agonizing. I didn’t even have a way to write to him until he sent the address. It was so good to hear that he is well, and ‘really liking the whole army thing’. I can’t send him any cookies though, because the Sargent will make him do a push up for each cookie and eat them while he’s doing the push ups🙂 Oh well, that will come later. I am just overwhelmed right now and no one is home to share any of it with. Thanks for all of the support, it is so encouraging to hear from you all. Hope your day is going great too!

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  1. Yahoo Im so so thrilled to read your post. Good on yah girlfriend way to go!!!!! I cant wait till I get this magazine…why don’t they just devote a whole edition to you…ACTUALLY! When you getting a book out for us all to drool over. Not that you haven’t got enough to do LOL. Your mothers heart work is exceptional the expression in those eyes just a special look that something you have captured that moment. Your Art is definitely from your heart. News from Ive just been commisioned to do one of those 3 canvas Tryptch or something spelt like that type of art. Im feeling challenged LOL hugs and happy dances for you as always. smiles and splashes Michelle xoo

  2. WOWZA GIRL!!!! How excited you must be, I can just see you doing the happy dance!!! I’m sending wine and chocolate your way in celebration and so very well deserved!!{{{Hugs}}}Gail

  3. I’ll be looking for you in CPS! That is the article I need! I look at your beautiful artwork and sigh wishing I had time to do some of that…

  4. Wow–that is awesome news all around!! 7 whole pages is just amazing and you are definitely truly deserving!! I’m so glad you heard from your son as well, that has to be a relief and comforting. Can’t wait to see the issue you are featured in, I want an autographed copy!!:)

  5. Congratulations on the gigantic spread in the magazine! You deserve it, your work is beautiful.LOL re the cookies. I heard that when you send cookies to soldiers, everyone gets to eat them but the recipient. Some kind of military tradition!

  6. PAM!!!! I’M SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU GIRL!!!!!! How amazing to see your work in print and what an wonderful amount they featured, too….I’m so very happy for you sweetie….we are traveling down the same path and it’s so much fun! I’m also VERY glad that you finally heard from your son, I know you have been worried ~ it’s wonderful, and by all means do not send that boy cookies!!! xxoo, Dawn

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