Taking a bit of a break…

I have been feverishly working on my 5 additional pieces Somerset wants for the August issue. It is so exciting for me, but I still can’t believe I will be their guest artist! I guess I won’t believe it until I hold the issue in my own hands! Anyhow, I have been working non-stop and I am liking how my pieces are coming along. In the middle of it all I did another girl portrait. I’m still trying to get the face down and I really want to find a style that is “me”. I just figure I will keep working at it until I am totally satisfied. I do like the butterflies in the background of this one and I like her eyes. She looks sad. I used molding paste for the base of the face and neck. It works ok, but I think I like working on a smoother base. I wish I could share the things I working on for the mag, but that will have to wait. You’ll have to get a copy of it when it comes out!

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