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Laurie Blau-Marshal awarded me the You Make My Day award! Thanks Laurie!! You have to stop by her blog and check it out,

I would like to pass along this award to Michelle Dobell at She’s a super nice gal and has a wonderfully free style of art! She sends emails worthy of a latte and few minutes of down time. Michelle, you make my day:-)
The next one I would like to give this award to is Gail Schmidt! She is such a doll! She is the one who designed my header and has been ever so helpful with to it so I can use it on my etsy store too. You really need to check out her stores. Thanks Gail!!!!!!!!
And last, but certainly not least, is Nicole La Cour from Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps. I had the great fortune to take a class from her and she is such a warm, sweet gal! Her stamps are awesome, and she makes them herself! Check out her site,

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