Arts and Crafts Fair

Here is a pic of the sign I made for the Arts and Crafts Fair I did yesterday. I used Karyn Gartel’s Softly Spoken Workshop Technique. She offers GREAT online workshops that I would highly recommend. The funny thing was, someone at the show actually offered to buy the sign! I didn’t sell it though. The show went well and I am pleased. One thing that surprised me was the reactions that my work got. I live in this little online, zne, altered world and I live in the Midwest. A lot of people had not even seen altered art in Springield, MO. There were several that knew what it was, but the majority didn’t. It was an eye opening experience. I did sell quite a bit of work, and several of my larger pieces which was exciting. I made quite a few soldered pendants and such, with mini collages because that’s what usually sells at fairs. I also had someone ask if I would be interested in selling wholesale. I said I might, so I’ll write more about that if anything comes from it. Overall it was a positive experience and the extra $$$ will definitely be welcome as Christmas approaches.

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