Yikes! I got tagged by two of you at the same time, hope that doesn’t mean I have to come up with 14 random things….

Well let’s see,

1.) I’m a neat freak about some things (all of my towels HAVE to be folded the same way and stacked by color in the linen closet) and not about others ( I usually get the laundry folded, but sometimes, well a lot of the time, it doesn’t get put away)

2.) I only exercise so I can eat what I want.

3.) I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and I will dispose of failed attempts right down the garbage disposal! Pizza anyone?

4.) I love sunshine, but need a good rainy day every now and then.

5.) I have lived in WA, CA, and MO and would loooove to live in Utah or Arizona. Love the canyons!

6.) I love working in the yard, but hate mowing the lawn, thank God for teenaged sons:-)

7.) My son Justin just got his license today and I’m scared to death!

So now I will have to tag some people…

All comments are read and greatly appreciated!

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